Subtle Home Staging: Tip One

“Tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything!”

– W.G. SeBald

Home staging is all about making the people who don’t live there feel at home.  Unfortunately, when sellers stage their own home, it is already that, home.  It takes a stranger with an eye for detail and a warehouse full of furniture and props to truly bring out the potential of a space.  That is why we have listed a few small suggestions that can make a big impact on the sale price of a home.


Utilize Shelving Appropriately

Home Staging ShelvingIf you are a homeowner selling a house, you probably exist in one of two worlds; either you are living in your home and everything is as you have had it for year or you have packed up and everything is bare.  Either way, your shelving and cabinets are probably an eyesore.

Start by removing everything from your shelves, cabinets and cupboards; then, choose simple pieces, sophisticated books, and any high-brow collections you may have.  Start populating your shelves sparingly; do not crowd your shelves.  This will open up the room and show the storage potential without looking deserted.

As for your cabinets and cupboards, try placing some of the larger cabinets with appropriate dishware or maybe even a cereal box or two to accentuate the storage capacity.

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