Subtle Home Staging: Know Your Short Comings

Home StagingIf you are selling a house, you know all of the less-than-impressive aspects of your home.  It’s worth investing a little time and money to fix up some of the off-putting aspects of a house, knowing that you are raising the value of your home.  This may include cleaning and fixing gutters, doing a little light landscaping, or adding crown molding, but often it means providing a bit of a makeover to one or two of the rooms to show off their potential, instead of their limitations.

If you only focus on optimizing the best parts of a house, but ignore the less than perfect areas, potential buyers will leave open houses with saying something like, “I loved the high ceilings and exposed beams, but the kitchen just seemed dark and closed-off.”  With the right eye and a positive attitude, many “bad” things can easily become “fun” and “quirky.”

At Staging Denver, we take our craft very seriously; it is our duty to recognize the potential of a space and then elevate the reality of a space to its apex.  Our attention to detail and dedication to the art and science of interior design is what makes us the premiere staging company in Denver.  We have assisted dozens of realtors sell their properties at top dollar by helping buyers recognize the value in a home by bringing out its true beauty.  Let us help you get the most out of your property, contact us today:

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