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Vacant Home Staging

Does this photo convey a lifestyle to you? Does it feel like Home? Do you know where you would put your furniture in this room?

Empty spaces in houses confuse people. Without furniture it is really hard to tell the true size or scale of the room, or even imagine how it will be used.   Buyers are very visual and need to see a showpiece they will fall in love with. If they can’t immediately see that a room will fit their needs, they will quickly write it off their list, instead of writing a contract. It’s true; vacant rooms stop buyers from writing offers!



When we stage a house, we create a vision of lifestyle for the Buyers, who may not realize just how great their life could be in the home. We don’t focus on simply filling the room, we focus on selling the room. Our Design and Staging Team walks into the home and sees possibilities. Buyers might wonder where they are going to put the couch or the bigscreen t.v., but we wonder how they can live their lives there… what games will they play in the family room?  What will their holidays and parties be like? We imagine where they will tuck their babies in at night. Or the room a couple will relax in together, regroup for the next day and remember why they fell in love.

For those reasons, we maintain an incredible inventory of designer furnishings for additional rooms so the entire house looks like a dream home. We use the same concept that builders apply in their model homes to achieve great results for our sellers. As your Property Stylist we have invested in a full inventory because our proven results show that all the rooms, spaces, nooks & crannies of your home are important ~ and we know they make you money!

 Staging Denver offers different options to help you sell or revitalize your home;

Premier Staging        Impact Staging