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“Home is the nicest word there is.” –Laura Ingalls Wilder

Decorating ServicesIt’s true, most of our time is spent staging homes to sell for top dollar.  We work hard to make sure that each facet of your home appeals to potential buyers, increasing the offers sellers receive.  However, what if you are completely happy remaining in your home for years to come?  How can you benefit from our expertise?

Of course, you can follow our blog for tips and tricks to organizing and designing your home, but you may not be happy with your end result if you commit to a piecewise redesign that takes place over the course of a few years or more.  Instead, if you feel like the design and layout of your home is tired, outdated, or just needs a bit of a change, we recommend that you contact us about getting a redesign.  Much like a staging, we set up a consultation to get an idea of your style preferences, look over some options, and develop a design.  After the meeting, we will work up some options present them to you before finally implementing the final design.  After making you fall in love with your home again, you can continue to update and maintain the new design by following this blog each week and employing some of the ideas and habits that we discuss.

If you think that it’s time for your home to get a makeover, contact us today!

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