In for a Penny, In for a Pound: Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Sell Your Home for Top DollarHave you ever walked into an open house, looked around, and thought to yourself, “The space is nice, but there is something off?”  In Denver’s hot housing market, as a home seller it is easy to assume the attitude that “The house will sell, and it will sell for a lot more than we paid for it.  We don’t need to do any work, let the buyers deal with it.”  Often times, these sellers aren’t wrong, but “more than we paid for it” is not the same as “as much as we could make from it.”  It’s up to you as a seller to decide that your home is an investment and that you want to get the highest return on it that you can, but once you do, it is our job as the best home staging company in Colorado to put our money where our mouth is and help express the beauty of your home in a more obvious way.

Selling Your Home for Top DollarA lot of home selling is a formula, the number of bed and bathrooms, total square feet, neighborhood, school district, etc… These numbers can provide potential buyers with a rough idea about the worth of a home.  Staging a home takes these quantifiable numbers and statistics and injects poetry, art, and life.  Half the fun of owning a home is filling it up, and what better way to spark the imagination of potential buyers than by providing a beautiful template.  A gorgeous home can ooze potential, but if it is presented as an attractive but empty space, a lot of buyers won’t tap into that energy and will make unmotivated comments like, “It’s a great space,” “I can see the potential,” and “I like that it has vaulted ceilings.”

Sell Your Home for Top DollarInvesting time, effort, and money into an inspired staging design will stimulate potential buyers to imagine replacing the staged furniture with their own design.  When this occurs, you’ll hear comments like, “Look at this kitchen, if we had this I’d actually start making dinner,” “This room would make a great den!  I could put my Dad’s old fishing stuff on the wall and make a nautical theme,” or “This dining room is amazing.  We’d have to buy a bigger table, but we could start having family dinners with your parents and my sister’s family once a month!”

We understand how stressful it can be to buy and/or sell a house.  Making the experience more enjoyable for everyone is why we work so hard to help sellers maximize their investment and buyers fall in love with a home that stands out in a crowd by creating a smart and sophisticated model home from the house where you have lived for years.  Let us help you get the most out of your property, contact us today:

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