Home Staging: Taking Imagine Out of Imagination

When you were buying your first home, you probably walked into a house, bare of all furnishing and told something like, “Close your eyes and picture it.”

Home StagingMaybe you were able to imagine yourself cooking dinner in the kitchen or watching a movie in the living room.  If so, you possess a great skill; however, many people are unable to envision an empty home as anything more than a blank space.  Buyers want to fall in love with a house before they buy it, meaning they picture themselves eating dinner at a big table, feeling the heat from the fireplace on a cold day, and reading a book in a quiet nook.

Home StagingHome staging is the processes of giving those potential buyers the opportunity to experience real life in that house.  It is more than plopping furniture into a few key rooms, instead, a well-staged home should accent the natural poetry of a space.  The little touches, like a book on the bed or pictures over the mantle, should prompt the buyers to write a story about this make-believe family in their heads as they move from room to room.  Ideally, the home should make buyers envious of this family in the story they have created.  An envy that fuels the desire to be the family in the beautiful house.

At Staging Denver, we take our craft very seriously; it is our duty to recognize the potential of a space and then elevate the reality of a space to its apex.  Our attention to detail and dedication to the art and science of interior design is what makes us the premiere staging company in Denver.  We have assisted dozens of realtors sell their properties at top dollar by helping buyers recognize the value in a home by bringing out its true beauty.  Let us help you get the most out of your property, contact us today:

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Home Staging

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