Home Design: Windows and Mirrors

“There are two ways to be the light; the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
– Edith Wharton

mirrors and windowsWhen you’re planning the layout for the design of a home there are several things that you have to consider; the purpose or the space, the theme of the house, the needs of the inhabitants… But there are always piece of the home that are handcuffed together, chairs and ottomans, counters and stools, TVs and cable jacks, and most importantly, windows and mirrors.  If you are looking to remodel, you’re in the fortunate position to choose the placement and size of your windows.  However, if you are like most of our clients, your windows are remaining in place and you need to find a way to maximize the light that they let in.  Fortunately, we can give you a few tips to help make the most of your windows with the help of strategically placed mirrors.
As many of you either already know or have gathered from the title of our article, place your mirrors so that they can reflect the natural light that shines through your open windows.  Many articles and blogs about Maximizing Natural Light or Making a Room Look Bigger will leave it at that, but not us.  We’re about to use a scary word that you probably haven’t heard since High School, but its principles will be much easier than you think… We’re going to use trigonometry.

mirrors and windowsJust reading the word probably sends shivers down your spine, but we will simplify the principles of the science to something that you can estimate while placing your mirrors, not pencil-to-paper math required!  By definition, trigonometry is just the branch of mathematics that studies the relationships of lengths and angles of triangles.  Since the “lengths” part of this definition is dependent on the intensity of the light that shines through the window (and consequently out of our control) we don’t have to worry about it.  Instead we will be focusing on the angle at which the sunlight hits our mirrors and how it reflect into the room.

The first step to placing a mirror is something that we at Staging Denver do best, choose a mirror that is stylish and matches your home décor.  We recommend scheduling a consultation and letting us provide you with a few options.  However, once you have chosen a mirror that accents the space, it just takes a little work to make the most of the natural light that you are given.

  • Watch the light hit the wall, make a note of when either you have the most light entering the window or when the light is the most intense.
  • At that time, hang your mirror in position so that it catches as much light as possible.
  • Once hung, begin to angle your mirror slightly towards the ceiling so that it reflects the light back into the room.
  • Once you find the angle that provides your home with the most light, measure the distance from the bottom of your mirror to the wall.
  • Take your mirror off the wall, fasten foam spacers to the back of the mirror so that it maintains that same angle and then re-hang.

At this point, you are done!  You have successfully used trig in a DIY project to brighten and beautify your home!  Congratulations!  Just repeat the steps for each room and bask in the warmth of the afternoon sun anywhere in your home.  However, if you started reading through the article and zoned-out after “trigonometry,” we would love to come do the work for you.  Just set up a consultation by contacting us at any of the methods provided below and we promise to do a lot more than hang mirrors in your home.

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