Autumn Means Falling Home Values; We Can Help

“Events tend to recur in cycles.”
– W. Clement Stone

Home Sells Top DollarAs the year fades into the frigid embrace of winter, the housing market also begins to freeze.  You can view the cycle on Zillow’s Reports.   Even with the great seller’s market we have here in Denver, you will be able to see a relative decline in home prices.  There’s just something less attractive about the curb appeal of a home when it’s below freezing outside.  However, the professional Stagers at Staging Denver like to use this annual occurrence as an opportunity to create a warm home atmosphere that will welcome potential buyers out of the snow.  Consequently, we at Staging Denver see an amazing number of closings in November and December due to those insightful individuals who want to beat the market average and get top dollar for their home when it is pertinent for them to sell.

We understand that you don’t always get to choose when you sell your home.  For many of our clients, their homes have to go on the market during the winter slump. Fortunately, we can create a design that will not only accent the beauty of your home and maximizes space, we can use bad weather to show off some of the nuances of the house that may have been ignored during the summer.  Maybe you have a spacious mud room, a convenient front closet, or a beautiful fireplace that can be accentuated.

We can arrange the furniture and belongings already present in your home to put your best foot forward without completely removing and redecorating the space; if you are still living in your home while you are trying to sell, this is the most cost efficient and convenient option for you.  On the other hand, if you have already moved and your house is vacant, we have a warehouse full of furniture and accessories that can be used to highlight your home’s amenities and raise its perceived value by thousands of dollars.  Contact us at the information provided below to set up a consultation and begin the next step in selling your house for top dollar!  We also perform decorating services, so if your new home needs some direction, we can help you fill it with style.

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