About Geri

Geri Bigum’s path, as founder & CEO of Staging Denver, has been about transformation in people’s lives.  But then again, every professional pursuit Geri has been involved in echoes that theme.  Whether it has been finding people jobs, managing the Denver Public Schools mentor program for high school students,  or as a make-up artist and color consultant, Geri finds joy by providing a service that has a positive impact on people’s lives! 

When she began staging houses in 1997, long before it was an industry, she discovered her passion. Geri spent time listening to feedback from buyers as they looked at properties, and realized the potential that staging could make in selling these homes. More than just a home stager, she goes that extra step with her extraordinary details making her a Property Stylist!  Geri knows how to create a vision for buyers to fall in love with a house so they want to write a contract! 

Fun Fact:  Why, yes, she has been on HGTV!  Remember, “Buy Me”?  You will find Geri in the episodes filmed in Denver!


  Member/President (Colorado Chapter):